Terms of Use

Although you pay the full amount of the reservation, so feel free to refund 95% of the reservation price if you cancel within 3 days prior to arrival :)
The 5% is only a payment gateway fee which cannot be refunded.

However, times are tough and you never know what will come up in your schedule or if there is an accident, a coincidence and you don't have time to cancel in time.
No need to worry, your booking will not be forfeited and 100% arrangements will be made to keep you happy.

We have several options:
b) if we can't fill your booking at all or all of it, you have options c) and d) below for the remaining money.
c) if you do not insist on the money we offer any other available dates throughout the length of the booking without restriction.
d) you can make your family or loved ones happy and give all or part of the length of your booking on another date.

The full text of our terms and conditions can be found at >> link HERE <<